Edge Enhancement filters for mapping edges of bodies


Some examples of techniques for mapping edges of magnetic bodies are shown below.


Tilt Angle

The tilt angle is useful in delineating vertical contacts from RTP gridded data. The zero contour level of the tilt derivative marks the location of the edges of the magnetic source. (assuming a vertical field)

Depth of bodies may be calculated using tilt derivative. Distance between the 45 degree and -45 degree contour of the tilt is twice the distance of depth to source. (See Bass Strait Magnetics example.)

Goussev Edge Filter


Named after Sergei Goussev, this filter is the difference between the total gradient (analytical signal) and the total horizontal gradient. It has the effect of vertical gradient with long wavelength features being suppressed and short wavelengths being enhanced.

(See Bass Strait Magnetics example for comparison of results to tilt derivative filter)

Hyperbolic Tilt Filter

Hyperbolic tilt angle provides sharp edges of magnetic bodies at depth. (See Bass Strait magnetics example.)